The IPAs

The Indiana Pennsylvania Alesmiths (IPAs) is the homebrew club of Indiana, PA. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or email us.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Hard to believe, but the Indiana Pennsylvania Alesmiths have been having monthly meetings for NINE YEARS. The club was founded in October 2007, with the inaugural meeting held upstairs at The Coney.

Our official American Homebrewers Association recognition didn't happen until a few years later, when we adopted the current name. As we move into our 10th year, we plan to do something special for next October. For all those who have been a part of our club at some point or another over the years, congrats and thank you for making this club an enjoyable venture.

Monday, October 10, 2016

October Homebrew Club Meeting

The October homebrew club meeting with be held Tue Oct 11 at 8pm at Levity Brewing Co. In addition to sampling member homebrews and Levity beer, the folks at Levity will be presenting an off-flavors demonstration and tasting - great educational experience for new and experienced homebrewers alike. Hope you can join us!