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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bill's Gluten-Free Ale Recipe

Courtesy of Bill Dietrich
            2 X 3.5# Briess Sorghum Syrup
            1.5# Quinoa (toasted in oven at 350° for 30 minutes)
            1 oz. Columbus hop pellets (14.2% a acid), in boil for 60 min.
            1 oz. Saaz hop pellets (5.8% a acid) in boil for 15 min.
            1 Whirlfloc tablet in boil for 15 min.
            1 oz. Saaz hop pellets (5.8% a acid) in boil for 1 min.
            1 oz. Saaz hop pellets (5.8% a acid) dry hop in secondary fermentation
Yeast: Danstar Windsor dry yeast, gluten-free
Brewing Notes:
- Put 5 gal of water in brewpot and Quinoa in mesh bag. Turn on heat and heat to 170°F. 
- Turn off heat and let steep for 30 min.
- Turn on heat, add 1.5 gal water and bring to boil.
- Add Columbus hops, boil for 45 minutes.
- Add 1 oz Saaz and whirlfloc tablet. Boil for 14 minutes.
- Add Saaz hops. Boil for 1 minute. Turn off heat and whirlpool.
- Cool. Rack into primary fermenter. Aerate and add yeast.
- Let ferment for a week.
- Put Saaz hops into mesh bag and place into secondary fermenter. Rack from primary to secondary. Let ferment a week.
- Bottle or keg as usual.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Two New Brew Pubs Coming to Butler

Most of knew about the soon-to-arrive Butler Brew Works in Butler, PA.  You can keep up to date with their Facebook page and Twitter accounts.

We've just learned about a second brew pub to open ... just down the street from the first one. Reclamation Brewing Co. is under construction, too!  Here are links to their Facebook and Twitter feeds.